birth doula

Full Spectrum | Trauma Informed | LGBTQIA+



How I Support


Prenatal Visits

Non-judgmental support
Well rounded body of information
Health + wellness direction
Share local resources
Facilitate informed choices + decisions
Open communication


Labor + Birthing Guidance

Personalized guidance + care
Empowering direction
Physical + physiological nourishment
Healing modalities
Creating a safe space
Facilitate self direction


Following Birth Care

Undisturbed postpartum care
Guard + protect new family
Placenta birth support
Emotional responsiveness
Help initiate first feeding
Ensure physical + emotional comfort


Postpartum Visit


Help weave birth experience with honesty

Family dynamic support

Partner guidance

Resources to support during postpartum 



“Renee was outstanding - showing up for us when our original doula fell ill the day before I went to the hospital. She was there for us immediately with an instantly nurturing and caring presence. She was so supportive and my husband and I couldn't have been happier with having her there for the most important day of our lives.”

Monica Greene

“Renee is a deeply kind, compassionate, and intuitive person. She is passionate about holding space for women, being present for women, and being a loving guide through the birthing process. Renee has a deep understanding of trauma and the healing process which she integrates into her work. She is committed to her spiritual path and has an empathetic and healing aura. As a birth doula, Renee will be responsive, sensitive, and communicative.”

Jennifer Griffith

“I think it’s pretty rare you meet someone and feel instantly safe with them, instantly connected to them. This is how I felt with Renee the second that I met her. Renee is one of those people who brings out this side of you that feels empowered, encouraged, powerful, and calm all at the same time. Trusting someone with such an intimate part of yourself and your life is a big deal, and I’ve said this to her countless times but I would pack up everything and move to her (I’m out of state) in order for her to be my person, my doula. There isn’t anyone else on this planet that I believe could get me through my birth journey other than her. I believe she’s everything magical, and brings out that magic in you as well.”

Alexandra Albertine

“Renee is a true goddess healer in every way. Her presence -- nurturing, steady, sensual, bright, fun, and loving -- is like medicine in itself, making you feel safe, supported, loved and free to be however and who ever you need to be during your pregnancy and delivery.

Her abilities to birth new life include not only babies but also dreams, possibilities and awareness.

Renee is not only trained but is most importantly born this way! You are in loving hands with this angel as you should be when birthing a new angel.” 

Christa Keyser

"Renee is an incredibly caring and empathic human. When I heard that she had chosen the doula path, my heart jumped for joy! I have known Renee for many years, she is calm, but focused, a good listener while being a clear communicator. Anyone who would have the opportunity to have Renee at their side for the birth process would be incredibly fortunate. As a nurse, I know the value of having a doula and that with Renee in the role, the family would have an experience that would be even more special because of her presence."

Joan Couden 



I am honored to hold space for birthing folks and partners around the Chicago vicinity. Birth is an organic, transformative event. I hope to support through a birth without fear, witnessing rather than managing. Nurturing and enhancing instinctual and intuitive response for a safe, fulfilling birth experience. Mind, soul, spirit, + body. I am inclusive of all options for child bearing persons. I practice a holistic + practical, trauma-informed continuum of care.



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